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Take a fresh look at the biblical accounts of Nimrod and the Babel rebellion! As the Genesis Trilogy continues, Annah and Shem are distraught to learn that their youngest son, Aram, has abandoned the Most High and now worships the mortal Nimr-Rada, the one they call "He-Who-Lifts-the-Skies."

Could he really be the Promised One?

How do you keep your faith when your life may depend on abandoning it?

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He Who Lifts the Skies is the inspiring story of Keren. She refused to abandon her faith in the face of grave danger and for that is labeled 'poison'. She not only pays for her disobedience to Nim-Rada with forced solitude and humiliation.

She also suffers the price of death of any man who dares even brush against her. When the choice is between a king and her God, Keren defies the king to remain faithful to her God.

He Who Lifts the Skies is a reminder that God watches over his faithful and brings hope in the face of darkness.

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