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God does keep secrets.

Even great heroes of faith like Abraham, Moses, and the Old Testament prophets faced mysteries about God and his kingdom.

Understanding God's plans is like watching a train emerge from a tunnel: you can see the cars that have emerged and get a sense of where the train is going, but you can't see the cars still in the tunnel. While many details of God's revelation train are still shrouded, secrets hidden for centuries are now revealed to us.

John Van Diest and Alton Gansky help us see and understand these secrets, which are hiding in plain sight in the words of Jesus and throughout the Bible.

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God does keep secrets. But He’s revealed more than you probably realize.

God’s ways are a mystery, even to Old Testament heroes like Abraham, David, and Isaiah. But some of the secrets they didn’t understand are truths God has now revealed to us. Sadly, we are often unaware of all that the Gospels and epistles tell us.

By tapping into these insights, we can answer questions such as:

  • Can we really know God’s will?
  • Why does God allow hypocrites in the church?
  • Why don’t our neighbors or coworkers respond to our overtures about the gospel?
  • Will evil people ever receive justice?
  • Isn’t the Kingdom of God just another name for heaven?

John Van Diest and Alton Gansky explain why God keeps secrets and what the New Testament writers meant when they wrote about God’s “mysteries.” They also provide a fascinating tour through Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom of Heaven and Paul’s letters, which reveal much about God’s unfolding plan for our life and this world. By uncovering these secrets, we discover the deeper meaning and purpose that God intends for our lives.

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