Our Journey

Our Journey


The idea of locally manufacturing and supplying a Pre-filled communion Cup had been incubating in my heart for about 13 years. Finally, in 2015 the Lord released its implementation in its fullness and all plans came to fruition. We are the first in SA to manufacture and produce this innovative communion product. I do believe that God works in seasons and His timing is perfect! This is the season for SA to embrace this new way of doing Communion. It’s convenient, hygienic and portable. And so the The Living Cup™ was borne founded on 1 Cor 10: 16 - 17.

The Living Cup™ is an all-in-one pre-filled communion solution that combines traditional practice with modern convenience and hygiene. Each communion cup includes a ready to serve portion of unleavened bread and juice in a two-part container. Both elements are separately sealed with leak-proof, airtight films designed to preserve freshness and quality. It eliminates lengthy preparation, contamination, spillage and wastage and can be served anywhere at any time. It’s cost-effective and has a great shelf life too.

The Living Cup™ is useful for both large and small groups of people. Where convenience is a high priority, the quick and easy, no mess setup takes the stress out of preparation. Its designed to fit all standard communion trays, and offers efficient disposal and clean-up. And it’s 100% recyclable and food-grade safe!

So if you have multiple services, special events, excursions, hospital visits, cell groups, The Living Cup™ is your solution. Recently, we were privileged to supply 10000’s of cups for a christian event held in a stadium.

We offer fully automated manufacturing, high volume capacity, ideal pack sizes and hygienic production.

We’ve been blessed to have far reaching impact on the church community with our product Important to us is our need to understand the power that is in the communion and combined this with our faith in the work of Christ and what He did for us on the cross, so that we can live in freedom, be healed and be in fellowship with Him. So we want trust God with you; that He does wonderful works through the partaking of the cup. We want to give God all the glory for what He has done so far and we are really excited about the journey going forward together with you proclaiming His Kingdom.

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